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This blog will contain every single thing that hits my fancy at the moment. Current ones being: Marvel, Sherlock, Doctor Who, OUAT, Supernatural, and Frostiron. But in no way limited to those.
WARNINGS: I post many ships, including male/male and female/female. May contain NSFW posts.

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Even when he walks he's sexy.


Adam: "What is that?"

Gah.  Just watching his lips is a sensual delight.  Pity the gif doesn’t last longer.  And go into greater detail.  ::imagines::

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.


Aquarella Tardis for roryful


Aquarella Tardis for roryful


A few shots I took of Tom with other fans on set today.  (Sorry, my phone camera is crap.)

Video and my Canon 35mm pics of my own meet with Tom to come. Just might take a couple of days, after I’m back home.

I will give full details of our meet asap, I promise.  I’m not trying to torture you, I’m just so exhausted tonight and from the day, and want to best pull my thoughts about it together.  thank you guys. :)

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mcu + tumblr. 

Ah. That thing was squeezing my brain.

make me chooseanonymous asked: Rapunzel’s reunited with her parents or Merida’s reunited with her mom

It’s called l o v e.


Why did you start following me? 

rocknrollsgears said: Chris Hemsworth